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Our Story

In May of 1984, literally days after graduating from The University of Pennsylvania where he studied at the Wharton Business School, John Blumberg found himself working in Manhattan and enjoying a fast start building a career in the financial services industry. During his first ten years, John discovered two things that troubled both customers and product representatives. First, the buying experience was nearly always painful, and secondly the long term results of the solutions implemented were usually disappointing.

  John set out to change this by ultimately developing his firm

True North.

  True North is committed to a “consultative” client acquisition process, meaning our first several hours with a client are spent listening, to make sure we are solving  based on what is most important to our customer, not our sales rep.  


In terms of performance and results,  we are interested in steady, tax advantaged solutions backed by guarantees that allow our clients to focus on their families and careers, not the completely unnecessary stress of a vacillating portfolio.

For both our clients and our Reps, the True North experience is one of long term relationship building, while using tried and tested solutions to protect our clients from dying too soon, out living their income or becoming ill.

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